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Brillouin Time Domain Analyser

단일모드광섬유를 이용한 분포형 광섬유센서로서 온도, 변형률을 실시간에 가까운 측정속도를 가지며, 측정범위가 60Km영역으로 온도와 변형률 및 수중음향신호를 병행 측정할 수 있는 복합형 고성능 광섬유센서 시스템이다.

It is a distributed optical fiber sensor using single-mode optical fiber, and it has a temperature and strain near real-time measurement speed, and it is a high-performance optical fiber sensor system that can measure temperature, strain, and underwater sound signals simultaneously in the area of 60Km.

Performance parameter Description
Maximum sensing range 60km
Spatial resolution ≥0.5m
Strain resolution ≤4με
Temperature range -40~300℃ (depending on cable material)
Temperature resolution 0.5℃
Operating temperatur 0℃ to 40℃ < 80%RH