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SJ Photonics Co., Ltd. will go one step further together with the best efforts, the best technology and the best service.
As society advances greater and industrial infrastructure becomes larger, the need for safety diagnosis technology to effectively identify the safety of civil engineering and construction and to take appropriate maintenance is increasing day by day. In addition, with the development of the IT technology, the information and communication industry is also rapidly developing.

In particular, the introduction of optical media is making an advance forward in industrial development. SJ Photonics Co., Ltd is also faithfully implementing research/development based on the human powers derived from years of know-how. Based on the fiber Bragg grating (FBG) manufacturing technology, our company is constantly researching and developing to expand and advance forward in business such as packaging sensor part and interrogation system manufacturing part. SJ Photonics Co., Ltd. will always do its best to improve customer satisfaction.
Thank you.

CEO of SJ Photonics Co., Ltd.

Se-jong Baik